Map of Cabbagetown in 1892!

Map of Cabbagetown in 1892

This past week Creative Loafing made a post about Civil War draftsman Augustus Koch’s bird’s eye view map of Atlanta from 1892. It included a link to a site where the map could be zoomed to view detail of individual neighborhoods. I thought I’d take a look and see if I could find Cabbagetown. Conveniently many of Cabbagetown’s street names are the same as they were in 1892, but even more conveniently, being located next to Oakland Cemetery made finding our community no problem at all.

It is interesting how much and how little Cabbagetown has changed in 119 years. My house, which was built in 1908, and my street, Tye, did not exist yet. There was a creek dividing what would become Tye St. and Short St., which explains the great big ditch between the two now. I wonder where the water went.

I also find it interesting that there were houses where the CSX sits now. Were the houses torn down to make room for the freight station? Or were the houses already abandoned?

Much of this map looks like modern day Cabbagetown. Berean St. is there, Savannah St. is there. I wonder how many houses in this map still stand. There is a big house at the bend of Borne St., now Powell. Perhaps this is David Thayer’s house?

Take a look at the map yourself here: Look at the lower right corner of the map to find Oakland Cemetery and Cabbagetown.


  1. Prints of this map can be purchased at Oakland Cemetery’s gift shop.

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